е Material Advantages


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ڼӹ֤ȣEasy cutting, ensure the precision;

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 ܾ֯⣬֤תӵƽ⣻Consistent structure to make better dynamic balance;

04 õ

ӦСƷתӲΣLess intemal stress to avoid spiral distortion

05 ĥ͸ʴ

 תʹ : Extend the rotor life;

06 õļ

 ѹ ԣImprove the reliability of the compressor bearing.

07 ȱС


To avold shaft break off by the stress collection came from stress relief groove in the machining process;

08 ֤Ʒ


 Zero defect No shrinkageNo gas holes,No sand,No Porosity;

еӹ豸 The advantage of machining equipment

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Equipped more than 400 scts of machining cquipments like CNC machining center. CNC lathe. milling machine, deep hole boring machine, industrial robot flexible production units and SO on. We have advanced technology,sophisticated detection mcans, strong technical strength, and comprchensively implement the ISO9001 quality management system, strict process control,ensure the quality of our products, now we are the only continuous casting supplier in the domestic industry who has batch machining ability, and always kecp leading position in the compctitive markst.





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